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My mission as a religious sister is to collaborate in the mission of Christ in the Catholic Church following the Charism of my Congregation which is Witnessing to the Mercy of God.

In the year 2001, while in the University of Bari, Italy, I underwent surgery which went terrible wrong warranting other series of surgeries. To date, I have been constrained to constantly go to hospital in Gemelli in Rome for specialist attention. I hardly thought that I would have survived the trauma and sufferings that resulted therefrom. Notwithstanding this period of great suffering, I received from Almighty God the strength to face life with unequalled joy. For this reason I decided to be more involved in singing the praises of the saving God. I will continue to be an apostle of thanksgiving. In my music I express my gratitude to God for the wonders he does in the world and for giving me the voice to be able to sing his praises.

The good Lord has giving me a unique gift and I wish to use it certainly not as a Star but to sing of all the greatness of the Lord.

During this period of my illness, I came into contact with a new reality of many people passing through great suffering on account of terminal illness. Because of this, I decided to study psycho- oncology that deals on these types of diseases in order to understand and better assist in alleviating some of their sufferings.

I have decided to dedicate all my life using my gifts and charisms in causes that will help to alleviate the sufferings of others. My music seeks to inspire hearts and through people’s generosity raise funds whose sole aim would be to construct a hospital to be named Mercy hospital Abakaliki Nigeria in a land donated long ago to my Congregation. This hospital will help to alleviate the sufferings of the terminally ill and so many other sick people that may benefit from the great good of this project.

In my determination to continue to work very hard towards the realization of this project, I will put in all the proceeds from the sales of my music for the building of this hospital. This is surely my gesture of unalloyed gratitude to God for my healing. I thank the Lord for who I am today, a person who has been constantly held in the palm of God and has therefore been protected thus far.

I invite you to join me in bringing hope and succor to all persons who otherwise  would have been abandoned to their fate as a result of t illness and lack of care.

You can help me in this initiative by making a donation or buying my music.

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