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Rev. Sister Dr. Mary Anne Nwiboko D.M.M.M.

Motto: Doing the will of God in All things

Like a sunflower that flowers every moment of the sun shall I turn to you to follow you my God.

This song captures my personal disposition in accepting fully the guiding power and complete influence of the Holy Spirit in all aspects of my life: Spiritually, culturally, musically, artistically and even in doing charitable works.

The Holy Spirit is therefore a trustworthy compass that serves to guide me as I walk through life like a pilgrim. Assuredly, He is sure to lead me into deep Christian holiness, and through that holiness that I might communicate such also to all those I meet as I live my special call in religious life.

I endeavour to be a clay in the hand of God.

I am a soul consecrated to God and His gospel in the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Mercy. I was born to a very deeply religious and devoutly Catholic family. Right from childhood I felt that God was calling me to live a special life.  This special feeling was evidently clear to me such that I already at that age chose what will eventually be part of  the religious name I have continued to answer today: Daughter of the Life of the Cross. Therefore, the cross constituted part of my name during my final religious profession: Mary Anne Paulette (of the Life of the Cross).
My interest in living for God which developed as a child continued even in my adolescent years. During my adolescent years I participated in many parish associations and sodalities: Mary League, Bloc Rosary, Christian Girls, to mention but a few. It was not surprising that I chose to attend my secondary education in a school for aspirants to religious life, namely, a Juniorate. After my secondary education I had reached a matured age to make the major decision of my life which was either marriage or entrance into the convent. As would be expected, I chose the latter and as such entered the convent where I underwent all the necessary formation as a postulant, a novice and finally took my first religious vows. From then I have devoted my life into school apostolate, formation, institutes for the physically challenged, and other various apostolate of my religious family.
In 1996 I was sent on mission to Italy by my Congregation. Since then I have lived and worked in the following dioceses: Subiaco,  Yenne Parish,; Toritto, Archdiocese of Bari; Carlentini, Archdiocese of Syracuse. To enhance my competency in my apostolate, I was asked to undergo some further studies.

Education and Training:

  • 1996  Certificate in Development  Education and Leadership Services “DELES” (Southern Zone) Four-Phased Training Programme Consisting of Four to Five Days Workshops Facilitated by DELES Programme Southern Zone Lagos.
  • 2002  Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling (DipCPC) at  the Institute of counselling Glasgow, Scotland (Member British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACCP) completing the following modules:
    • Introduction to Counselling
    • Pre-marital Counselling
    • Marriage Counselling
    • Crisis Counselling.
  • 2004  Doctorate Degree in Education Sciences 1st Class Honours,  with a Specialization on Human Development as a Professional Educator in the Faculty of Formation and Education, University of Bari, Italy.
  • 2008  Certificate of Formation Course  Category A on Nutritional/ Grocer Personnel: Organised by   “Centro Analisis Chimiche Augusta Italy” (Following the new law of the Ministry of Health SIAN:  Prot n° 37/ 2007): hospital food and catering hygiene management.  the application of HACCP( Hazzard Analysis Critical Controll Point) in Catering System, Food Policy and Control system. Guidelines on the Implementation and Control of Food Contamination. The system of control of Salmonellae in different food categories.
  • 2009  Masters in Technical  Consultancy and Expert Report in Area of Psycho-Juridical Matters in the Management School “ARES” ( Activity of Research and Development) in collaboration with C.R.E.A.T.I.F- CENTRO RICERCHE ETA’ EVOTIVA APPLICAZIONE TERAPIA DELL’INFANZIA E DELLA FAMIGLIA   (Centre for Child development Research – Application of Infant and Family Therapy)
  • 2009  Master Degree, 2nd Level, in Psycho-Oncology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery “A Gemelli Rome” ,Institute of Gestalt Therapy HCC KAIROS, Institute of Clinical Formation “Nino Trapani”
  • 2010  Certificate Course in Psychotherapy 2nd Edition, Psycho Pathology in Gestalt Therapy: The Evolution of Therapeutic Relations
  • Currently Undergoing a 3-Year Studies on Systemic Relational Professional Counselling  at Centro Siciliano Di Terapia della Famiglia (C.S.T.F) Sede Ares -Catania Largho Bordighera, 31 - Italy.


  • Superior of the Community  of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy in Carlentini (SR) Sicily.
  • Director of the Centro Anziani  “AIN KARIM” Carlentini, belonging to the  Archdiocese of Syracuse.
  • The Centre has seventy residents with various pathology cared for by 37 qualified medical and ancillary personnel and nuns of Daughter of Mary Mother of Mercy.
  • Part-time Lecturer, ENAIP (Ente Nationale ACLI Istruzione Professionale) sede de Letini (SR) National organisation for Professional Formation).
  • External Lecturer in ARES (Attività di Ricerca e Sviluppo) and Centro Ricerche età evolutiva Applicazione Terapia Infanzia e Famiglia.
  • Active Collaborator in Parish Pre-Marriage Courses.
  • Psychological and Formative support to Women Immigrants in difficulties with social cultural integration.
  • Tutor in the various projects organized by the Sicilian region in collaboration with NGO’s for re-integration of ex-drug addicts, ex-prisoners, and minors with antisocial behaviours.
  • Until 2012 Voluntary Assistant in Augusta High Security Prisons offering prisoners moral support for social re-integration. I also offer theological lessons to in-mates in the prison.
  • President of Women Religious USMI ( Union of Major Superiors Italy) of the Archdiocese of Syracuse.
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