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Shele Koko- Guardati dai lupi (Beware of wolves)

Pictures taken on the scene of filming for the video of the song: Shele koko track 2 of the album: Just to say ... Thanks

IMG_0991 IMG_0993 IMG_0995
IMG_1001 IMG_1005 IMG_1008
IMG_1010 IMG_1011 IMG_1018
IMG_1019 IMG_1024 IMG_1026
IMG_1029 IMG_1037 IMG_1040
IMG_1043 IMG_1045 IMG_1048
IMG_1051 IMG_1053 IMG_1055
IMG_1058 IMG_1059 IMG_1064
IMG_1068 IMG_1069 IMG_1074
IMG_1078 IMG_1079 IMG_1083
IMG_1086 IMG_1256 IMG_1258
IMG_1263 IMG_1266 IMG_1276
IMG_1285 IMG_1287 IMG_1294
IMG_1297 IMG_1311 IMG_1336
IMG_1355 IMG_1359 IMG_1363
IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1368
IMG_1370 IMG_2269 IMG_2273
IMG_2274 IMG_2276 IMG_2278
IMG_2282 IMG_2285 IMG_2293
IMG_2295 IMG_2296 IMG_2307
IMG_2308 IMG_2315 IMG_2316
IMG_2346 IMG_2353 IMG_2357
IMG_2871 IMG_2873 IMG_2875
IMG_2877 IMG_2879 IMG_2881
IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2896
IMG_2899 IMG_2900 IMG_2901
IMG_2906 IMG_2910 IMG_2964
IMG_2969 IMG_2978 IMG_2979
IMG_2981 IMG_2983 IMG_2988
IMG_2994 IMG_2999 IMG_3002
IMG_3014 IMG_3016 IMG_3020
IMG_3022 IMG_3024 IMG_3032
IMG_3037 IMG_3038 IMG_3047
IMG_3052 IMG_3054 IMG_3055
IMG_3062 IMG_3067 IMG_3079
IMG_3083 IMG_3092 IMG_3103
IMG_3121 IMG_3126 IMG_3130
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